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be free. be brave. be radical.

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VISION: For every person to freedom dream and freedom do.

MISSION: BeyondFree, LLC is an education and management consulting firm supporting educational systems, nonprofits, and businesses.  Through coaching, customized workshops, and curriculum design, we are dedicated to building capacity around anti-racist work, DEI, and restorative practices to create sustainable communities for people to thrive in.

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Anti-Racist Specialists

be free. be brave. be radical.

BeyondFree provides gatherings in which people build a community of brave conversations to freely create viable solutions that empower themselves and others to dismantle inequitable practices and ideologies and fully engage in anti-racist work. People need an authentic environment in which they can share openly, think deeply, and broaden their understandings of oppressions that have directly and indirectly influenced their lives. BeyondFree creates a dynamic space of empathetic change makers who have a desire to break systemic oppressions and allow for each other to think beyond freedom to real action. 

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"Your presentation was so wonderful, eye opening, and much needed for myself, along with so many other on the call sharing their thanks." 
Aubrey Bollinger
HR Training Specialist | Human Resources Department

SCAN Health Plan

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Dr. Dukes is facilitating an equity journey as well as anti-racist work at my job. First and foremost from the beginning, she set up a safe space and culture of acceptable vulnerability. Each person could come to her sessions exactly who they are and wherever they were on understanding and doing anti-racist and equity work. Utilizing text and imagery as a foundation, while and small group conversation; I learned about my own views and fears in race and was able to have meaningful dialogue with someone on a completely different page. Lastly, I along with my colleagues made so much growth in truly understanding the role white supremacy and systematic racism plays within our own building. I look forward to more sessions to continue the honest dialogue of what policies and procedures we can put in place to not be another school that teaches assimilation and not address the fact of what we need to do as educators to dismantle a bias and broken system for our black and brown students.

Emma Peterson, Special Education Lead

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As educators, it's an important practice to find ways to sharpen your craft and challenge yourself, professionally and personally. This helps to keep that "spark" going - the spark that drives us to really make a difference in the lives of those we see every day. However, several things in life can try to dim that spark. Whether it be specific people or situations beyond our control, it can be tough. And I admit for me, I am no exception to this rule - it hasn't been easy. However, working with Dr. Dukes has renewed my spark! Her equity work has helped me reflect on my own perspectives and renewed my sense of hope despite the struggles we face. She has challenged me to think, do, and be better professionally and as a person.

Donica Johnson, Dean of Students/Student Services Coordinator

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My experiences collaborating with Dr. Dukes are always enjoyable! Her nurturing spirit put me at ease as we co-created a curriculum for a summer residency program. Her creativity and innovation was an elevated contribution to the work. She is not only a teacher but positions herself as a student, a life-long learner of others for the benefit of the collective. I initially met Dr. Dukes through our work as equity facilitators in the Atlanta Public School community. She is on the rise and cannot wait to see where she'll go in the coming years!

Rosalyn Duff, Equity Coordinator

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I have been working with Dr. Dukes for over two years in equity and anti racist work. From the start, I have been impressed with her expertise and professionalism. Not only is Dr. Dukes a consummate professional, she also brings her authentic and whole self to each meeting or event. Dr. Dukes' combination of knowledge and authenticity allows others to open their minds and hearts to move forward in their own equity journeys. As one of the lead facilitators of the inaugural, Listening 4 Justice experience, Dr. Dukes helped create the curriculum, seek feedback,, recruit participants, and lead other facilitators in a successful launch. I look forward to working with Dr. Dukes again.

Jennifer Salerno, Educator

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Dr. Dukes has made me step out of my comfort zone to address necessary conversations when it comes to equity and anti-racist work. I feel like I am growing after I participate in a session she has organized for our school. To be honest, I was never uncomfortable talking about these topics, I just didn't know how to address them effectively in the setting where I worked with my white friends. She has made it easier to discuss the topics that need to be addressed and has provided opportunities to create an environment where we feel safe and confident in our beliefs. I feel empowered for being who I am and want to encourage my students, friends, and family to be their best and stand for what they believe in regards to equity.

Christina Jordan, Teacher

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I first worked with Dr. Dukes in education for approximately 8 years, myself as a front office manager and her as a leader in the school's gifted program. During that time I admired her kindess, her professionalism and her commitment to her students as well as to her collegues. While these attributes are certainly commendable, it has been her recent work in facilitating our staff on equity and anti-racism that has continued to amaze me. During this work I have witnessed her demonstrate individual qualities including gentleness, patience, and a genuine spirit of personal connection with her audience. As I continue to work with her, now as a parent liaison, it gives me so much confidence and pure joy to know that Dr. Dukes' shared knowledge of equity and antiracism is being shared with our eductional staff with the purpose of sharing and growing our students, their families and OUR communities!

Glynna Walker, Parent Liaison

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I've had the privilege of working alongside Dr. Dukes for last year and half as part of the CREATE community. For the first year, we were engaged in the Equity Facilitation Fellowship. Since then, we've cofacilitated a four day Equity Centered Critical Friendship institute and have led new teacher affinity groups next to each other. Dr. Dukes is incredibly passionate - she is driven by equity and anti-racist work. Her passion is evident in everything she does. She is also a skilled facilitator - she is focused on creating meaningful learning for her participants. She is flexible and able to adjust course in the moment if the facilitation requires her to do so. She is well-planned and organized. Growing up in a racially illiterate house, I had a late start to my equity journey. Dr. Dukes did not make me feel shame for that. She invited me into the work and continues to invite me into the work. She helped energize me to do the work now.

Blake Zimmerman, Coordinator - Data and Culture

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