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Dr. Melanie Dillett-Dukes is passionate about creating brave spaces for diverse groups of people to engage in discussions, empower action, and create change.  Growing up outside of the United States for 15 years of her life, as a United Nations baby, gave her great insight into the intricacies of varying perspectives and their connection to practices and ideologies of people.  

With 20 plus years in the educational arena, Melanie has taught school-aged children from preschool to high school, founded her non-profit Creative Community to ignite student voices, coached teachers on culturally relevant pedagogy, designed curriculum, analyzed statewide data systems, and facilitated diversity, inclusion & equity workshops for adult professionals.  To deepen her contemplative practices, she has completed intense training on Cognitive Based Compassion Training (CBCT) through Emory University. Her experience as an Equity Facilitator Fellow through CREATE, deepened her skills to facilitate conversations and create actionable items around identity, systemic oppression, and anti-racist work. In her current role, she is leading equity work with over 110 teachers and staff members and the parent/guardian community.  Melanie’s ability to listen for understanding, empathize, and to connect with others translates easily into developing organic and holistic coaching strategies that fosters growth mindsets and stimulates environments for people to thrive. 

Over the many years of working in traditional education and facilitating sessions in equity, social justice, and anti-racist work in corporate and educational arenas, has revealed the deep need for healing and reconciliation.  Motherhood and the deep desire to restore hope to people has led her on this journey of liberating the minds of people and creating platforms to create viable solutions to breaking systems that bind our true selves.  

Dr. Dillett-Dukes graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in education from Spelman College.  She fostered her skills in curriculum development when she earned her Masters of Education from Teachers College, Columbia University.  Melanie remained at Columbia to complete her Education Doctorate in International and Transcultural Studies with a specialization in Family and Community as Educator.  She has inherited her mother’s green thumb at a later stage in life, enjoys cooking her father’s Belizean dishes, and watches her children embark on their unique journey of life in pure amazement. 

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